Volusia Tax Collector: Concealed Weapons License applications will be accepted in Volusia County starting March 16


DeLand, Florida.– Citizens of Volusia County no longer need to leave the county for assistance in filing a concealed weapon license application or renewing a current license. The Office of Will Roberts – Collector of Taxes will begin service by appointment on March 16.

“Starting Wednesday, citizens will be able to complete the application and have their photo and fingerprints taken in one location here in Volusia County,” said Volusia County tax collector Will Roberts. “It will reduce the time applicants will spend compiling all of these items or traveling to another county to complete them.”

The new service will only be available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the DeLand office, 123 W. Indiana Avenue, room 103. Appointments will be required and can be made online at vctaxcollector.org/appt.

For decades, candidates were unable to submit nominations in Volusia County, Roberts said. The state only allows elected tax collectors to provide the service. Until 2021, Volusia County did not have an elected tax collector.

Not only was that an inconvenience to customers, but the fees associated with the claims were leaving the county, Roberts added. Once he took office in January 2021, Roberts immediately began working with the state to begin offering this service.

Depending on state law, tax collectors may charge a fee to cover costs associated with providing the service. These dollars will now remain in Volusia County.

“At the end of the tax year, the remaining revenue from the tax collector is returned to the county tax authorities,” Roberts said. “Rather than funding another county’s services, these dollars will now stay in Volusia County to help provide public services. Retaining revenue and providing amenities to our citizens is a win-win situation for everyone. »

The process of applying for a Concealed Weapons and Firearms License in Florida begins with booking an appointment online. To complete the application at the office, applicants need a state-issued photo ID and a copy of a training document or certificate confirming proficiency in a firearm . Citizenship status is required for persons born outside the United States and lawful permanent resident aliens, in accordance with state requirements. Applicants with an arrest history must provide certified copies of the final decision on the charges.

Volusia County Tax Collector staff will instruct applicants on how to use the office computer to complete the state application. Staff will review the application, take fingerprints and license photo, and submit the entire application package electronically to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). The FDACS will process the application and issue the concealed weapon license by mail.

The process at the tax collector’s office should take less than an hour. Then, the FDACS has up to 90 days to process requests once received, according to state law. Applicants can check the status of their application online through the FDACS website or by calling 850-245-5691.

Information about applying for a concealed weapon license, including frequently asked questions and fees, is available online at vctaxcollector.org/cw.

– Holly Smith, Public Affairs Administrator of the Tax Collector

Esther L. Steinbach