Update: School Property Tax Calculator: How Much Will You Pay?

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The 2015 PennLive School Property Tax Calculator.

It’s school district budget time in Pennsylvania.

Each year, districts must adopt a preliminary budget at the beginning of June and their final budget at the end of the month. And for homeowners, that often means higher property taxes.

To help homeowners determine how much they might have to pay next year, PennLive compiled preliminary budget figures for each district in York, Lancaster, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lebanon and Perry counties.

Please note: This is an updated version of the PennLive 2015 Tax Calculator. Additions include (on request) Juniata and Adams county school districts, as well as the inclusion of departmental property taxes. This project will continue to evolve over the coming weeks. We plan to include Berks County. If there is another county you would like to see included, let us know in the comments or via email. Eventually, the plan to add municipal taxes as well.

We have also added a map school districts in central Pennsylvania, so you can see at a glance whether or not your taxes might go up. Districts in purple have proposed tax increases, green do not propose tax increases. Uncolored neighborhoods are neighborhoods for which we do not yet have information.

Below you’ll find an interactive property tax calculator, which you can use to determine how much school property taxes you might pay next year.

Simply choose a county, select a district and use the slider to set the assessed value of your property, which can be found on your property tax form. The calculator will then determine how much you pay now and how much you could pay next year.

The calculator is completely anonymous – it does not collect any data. The districts that straddle the county boundaries have been divided accordingly. You can “pin” a calculation to compare property taxes between districts.

Tax calculator:

Esther L. Steinbach