Tolland to hold auction of overdue tax properties

The city of Tolland will auction properties to settle overdue tax debts amounting to $ 118,793.04 in March, according to the tax collector’s office.

While many of the properties are smaller residential plots, business owners who rent places at 12 and 24 Goose Lane could be affected by the change in ownership.

Lawyer Adam Cohen of Pullman & Comley, which runs the auction for the city, said the successful bidder will have the right to keep the current tenants of Goose Lane or lease to new businesses.

According to the signage on the properties, the following businesses are located at both addresses:

  • The center of the hand
  • Salon Gio
  • Tolland integrated therapeutic and wellness massage
  • A touch of magic
  • Tolland Advice Center
  • Cultivate Change Consulting Services, LLC

Title to the commercial property, currently held by Goose Lane, LLC, would pass to the winning bidder six months after the March 19 auction.

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It’s also possible, Cohen added, that the bank holding the mortgages on the property could buy back the property by paying the overdue taxes to the city. Sovereign Bank holds mortgages on the two plots of Goose Lane, Cohen said.

Tolland’s revenue collector Linda Calabrese said the auction was the end of several years of attempts to contact the owners for payment. A number of notices were sent out, payment plans were made and many phone calls were made before scheduling the auction, she said.

And for some owners, the auction is a welcome solution, as a few have filed letters expressing interest in selling the plots, Calabrese noted.

The city also had to ensure that several requirements were met before the properties could be auctioned:

  • Taxes not paid for at least a year and a half
  • A threshold of $ 10,000 or more in taxes owed
  • Appropriate steps taken to collect
  • City Council Members Committee, Director of Social Services, General Manager, Financial Director and Revenue Collector approve the property at auction

The full list of properties up for auction reads as follows, according to the opinion of the tax office:

  • 12 and 24 Goose Lane
  • 64 Colombine Road
  • 34 Old Farms Road
  • 5 Amanda Road
  • 636 Sugar Hill Road
  • 423 Hunter Road
  • 60, extension of the Gehring road

Cohen’s fees for handling the case will be paid by setting a minimum bid at the auction, Calabrese said.

The auction is scheduled for March 19 at 10 a.m. at the town hall.

Esther L. Steinbach

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