Tina Vernon is seeking re-election as Treasurer-Tax Collector

Treasurer and tax collector Tina Vernon announced her candidacy for re-election.

Vernon, near the end of her third four-year term, said this week she would run again. The election is June 7.

“In my 11 years as treasurer and tax collector, our office has achieved many accomplishments, weathered tough economic times, learned and grown,” Vernon said in a press release. “I’m proud of the team I’ve built and the work my office does every day.”

Vernon said on the cash side of his office, his team has weathered good and bad economic times, weathering the ripples much better than many other municipalities. This was accomplished by developing and committing to a sound investment strategy, and exercising discipline, instead of chasing yield or letting emotions drive investment decisions.

“This strategy has protected us from undue risk while outperforming many other county portfolios, and has delivered interest income of over $28 million in the lowest interest rate environment in decades. “, Vernon said. “These revenues are made available for community funding of county schools, public safety and essential services.

“As steward of Nevada County’s taxpayer dollars, I will continue to invest wisely, protect taxpayer dollars, and grow earned capital, earning a fair rate of return,” he said. she adds.

On the tax side, Vernon said she will continue to administer the laws in a fair and equitable manner for everyone. When laws don’t make sense or when they have to adapt to changing environments, she will continue to be a strong voice for the community, representing their interests at the state level.

Vernon has served for the past eight years as a member of the executive committee of the statewide association of county treasurers and tax collectors, and as president in the fiscal year 2020-2021.

“I remain accessible to all voters,” Vernon said. “I stand firm on my promise that while I may not always have the answer you want to hear, I guarantee the answer applies evenly and according to law. Also, if the laws don’t make sense or do more harm than good, I will continue to work hard to make the necessary changes at the state level.

Vernon has lived in Nevada County for over 40 years.

“I want to be part of the changes that make our community better in the future,” she added. “Every day is a new day to work on goals, learn, teach and give back. I look forward to the future of this community and respectfully request your vote in June 2022.

Source: Tina Vernon

Tina Vernon

Esther L. Steinbach