The Millers endorse Nancy Millan for Hillsborough tax collector

Hillsborough County Commissioner The Miller supports Nancy millan for the Hillsborough County tax collector, he announced Monday.

Millan is race replace Doug Belden who has held the seat since 1999. Millan is running against the former Hillsborough County School Board member April Griffin.

“I have known Nancy Millan for many years, and there is no one more qualified and ready to be our next tax collector than her,” Miller said. “I am proud to support Nancy Millan, and know that she is the right person to provide the exceptional service Hillsborough County residents have come to expect from the Hillsborough County Tax Collector’s Office.”

Millan worked in the tax collector’s office for 30 years. She started as an accounting clerk and now serves as director of community relations, one of the agency’s main management positions.

“I am grateful to have the endorsement of County Commissioner Les Miller who has served Hillsborough County throughout its historic career with distinction,” Millan said. “I will campaign and serve the people of Hillsborough County by following his example of leadership and dedication to the community we cherish.”

Millan is a Florida Certified Collections Assistant with certifications in Property Tax Administration, Managing a Florida Collections Office, Duties and Responsibilities of a Tax Collector, and Collecting Licenses, Taxes and fees. She attended the Certified Executive Leadership Academy sponsored by the Florida Tax Collector’s Association and Valencia College, and received the Florida Tax Collector’s Association Distinguished Service Award in 2005, 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017. Millan also received the Florida Tax Collector Education Forum Service. Price in 2018.

Millan and Griffin are both registered Democrats. Belden is a Republican. So far, no Republicans have entered the race.

The race will likely be competitive as Millan pits his inside knowledge and experience with the tax collector’s office against Griffin’s political experience and name recognition. Griffin will likely battle Millan’s experience at the agency with his own civilian service since leaving the Hillsborough County School Board. She worked in human resources with the Hillsborough County Public Defender’s Office where she gained her own institutional knowledge of running a public agency.

Millan leaves for an early start get endorsements ahead of the 2020 election. She launched her campaign earlier this year with the support of Belden.

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