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Thank mom before it’s too late

Sunday, May 8 is Mother’s Day. This special day makes me reflect on childhood and how our adult lives were shaped from what we experienced as children. I can see my daily actions and behavior influenced by the child I was many years ago.

From my mother I acquired a strong sense of humor, I learned love and compassion, tolerance, trust, relationships and life skills that led me to adulthood – and, ultimately, to the successful person I have become.

We can modify our learned behavior through maturity, the process of “growing up”. But, we are basically still the children of our parents. Indeed, “the apple does not fall too far from the tree”.

My mother worked very hard to take care of her family. My mother raised us based on the values, principles and morals she had learned in life. She didn’t know everything about parenthood, some of it was trial and error. She had life and survival skills that translated into good parenting, and she passed those skills on to her children before she died.

On this Mother’s Day, let’s truly remember our mothers. Mother’s Day is a day to thank her, tell her how much we care about her and love her. Do it before it’s too late!

I wouldn’t be who I am today if my mother hadn’t raised me the way she did. Mother’s Day is a time to appreciate it. If it wasn’t for our mothers, we wouldn’t be here today.

Valentina Greco, Jersey City

The dance company is a real “asset”

I can’t believe the Jersey City tax collector is denying the tax status of the Kennedy Dancers (“An overzealous tax collector should recognize the community dance company as a non-profit organization lucrative | Opinion”, April 14). They claim that it is not an “asset” for the city and that it is not a non-profit organization.

The studio is a long-standing community asset. I personally know the founder, Diane Dragone, former teacher in a public school, community activist and dedicated partner of several organizations.

The studio served as a beacon for underserved and minority children in Jersey City with free programs, talks and events. They were a building site that served as a home for trainees interested in arts and dance.

Jersey City is a booming municipality, with new developments. This studio continues to serve the youth of Jersey City through all of these changes. With tax collections from huge promoters abounding, I find it discouraging for the tax collector to rate this gem of an institution. The studio now has legal bills in this fight for fairness and justice.

I call on the tax collector to reverse this misguided decision and stop suing the organizations that help the city in so many ways.

I urge all friends of the arts and dance to support Kennedy Dance Studio.

Perry Cecchini, retired educator, Jersey City

Thank you for shining a light on young adults at church

I so enjoyed Reverend Santora’s opinion piece on Faith Matters, “Young Adults Seek a Just World by Faith.” It is so refreshing to hear of young adults intimately connected and involved in the church in very active and visible ministries.

This is not the case in Germany. There might be a dozen elderly people at Sunday mass in a parish. There seems to be no interest in organized religion, let alone becoming a member of a religious congregation. Our retirement home is very active, people come and go constantly for programs, weekends, retreat days, scripture classes, etc. But get involved? No. Young people are interested in social justice and service. But not as a lifetime commitment.

There seems to be little connection between their personal life and the need for a sacramental church. We, as an aging congregation, continue to pray and be who we are meant to be, to serve and to live in hope. With the grace of God may there be a revival of the church. May the Church be humble, open, reconciling and attentive.

Thank you for your positive article! I needed it today.

Sister Mary Joseph Schultz, SCC, Paderborn, Germany

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