Tax collector returns over $ 10.6 million in unspent fees

His office has returned nearly $ 55.4 million in unspent revenue since Thomas took office in 2017.

“Here in our organization, financial accuracy and precision are top priorities. In fact, being good stewards of public funds is part of our organizational mission,” said Thomas. “Our team is working diligently to be financially responsible so that we can return as much money as possible to our community to help Pinellas County remain a premier destination to live and visit.”

The Pinellas County Tax Collector’s office is fee-based, which means its organizational operations are funded by the fees it collects. These fees, like the $ 6.25 charged for each driver’s license transaction, are regulated by Florida state law. After each fiscal year, it is the collector’s responsibility to distribute any unused charges to the local tax authorities.

Most of this money goes to the Pinellas County General Fund, the county’s main operating fund, which provides services such as maintaining local roads and parks and funding schools and ambulances.

Of the $ 10.6 million returned by the tax collector’s office, the Pinellas County Council of Commissioners received $ 9.5 million, and the remaining $ 1.1 million was distributed among other tax authorities. .

Esther L. Steinbach