‘Tax Collector’ movie ending explained

Horn horn: the following will be useful to anyone who has watched The tax collector on Hulu and wonders what happened in the bloody final minutes of the film. That said, if you are still planning on streaming it and want to go blind, this piece is not for you.

The configuration: what is the plot of The tax collector on Hulu?

In The tax collector, David (Bobby Soto) and Creeper (Shia LaBeouf) are the executors of a gang leader called The Wizard, who wields his power over the streets of Los Angeles from within the walls of the State Penitentiary. David and Creeper go around town collecting mischief taxes from various gangs, which turn out to be taxed at a rate of 30 percent. “The wizard is the king, no matter what,” David tells the key holder of a gang. And if you don’t pay the king, the penalty tax is your life.

The wizard may be the king, but he is not unassailable. Mexican drug cartels are playing for more power on the streets of LA, and the fallout from a spate of prison murders reaches the Los Angeles underworld in the form of Conejo, an evil cartel captain who tells David and Creeper with a serious lack of subtlety that he’s the new tax collector poobah in town.

David, David’s extended criminal family as his surly tio Louis (a George Lopez counter-type) and his trigger-happy partner Creeper aren’t going to take this game for their territory lightly, even if it means playing WWII on the streets with Conejo and his minions, and even if this statics threatens David’s beloved wife, Alexis, and their young children. It’s a matter of honor, see, and this aggression won’t hold up. That feeling is put to the test when violence finally explodes, and David must decide if the life of crime is worth the bloody toll on whom he cares most.

The Payoff: What Happens With The End Of The tax collector?

We know David and Creeper as no strangers to evil. “Have you heard of me?” Creeper asks a gang to make fun of him. “I heard you were the devil,” the guy says, and Creeper sucks a tooth before he responds, “I could be.” The two Executors are in this state of mind when they first meet Conejo and engage in a cock measuring contest before leaving and snuggling up with tio Louis to decide how to deal with this intruder. Louis laughs at Conejo as a threat. “He’s a real street terrorist,” said the elder; nothing to worry about. But then Tio’s severed head appears in a beer cooler, and David’s reunion to mount a retaliatory plan erupts when Conejo and his squad attack, wielding M-4s and throwing homemade nail bombs. Creeper is captured, but David escapes and he immediately reunites his family, knowing that they are now targets. Conejo faces him as he smashes a bloodied Creeper with his boot, and David shouts epithets through the phone. “Don’t curse me,” Conejo spits. “This is your truth. I was sent here by the real one jefe to turn the whole fucking game upside down. “

It is only getting worse. Conejo manages to infiltrate the hideout where David has hidden his wife and children. He murders Alexis and takes the children hostage, causing David on the phone to give in, or face him in a final showdown. Determined to save his children, but with his entire crew murdered, David turns to an old ally on the streets for help. Bone (Cle Shaheed Sloan) is the leader of a group in LA Blood, and despite the traditional discomfort between Black and Chicano gang cultures, he believes in David and agrees to help him. David, Bone, and some Blood gunmen shoot at a cartel drug house and brutally torture a thug until he gives them the address of where the children are being held. It turns out that this is Conejo’s mother’s house, and she is there alone with the children. When David shows his mercy (“I am not coming down to his level. The family is sacred”), Conejo’s mother tells them where her son is hiding.

Bone and David attack Conejo’s house and eliminate the perimeter guards. David then bursts into Conejo’s boudoir, guns lit, and a shootout ensues before the two engage in physical combat in the quarters near a bathroom. Conejo gains the upper hand before David, thinking of his murdered wife, turns the situation on his enemy and crushes his skull with a piece of porcelain sink. As they flee the scene, David stops to make a call. It’s the wizard on the other end of the phone, who turns out to be David’s father. (He also turned out to be Jimmy Smits.) The magician tells David that the pain he’s feeling is going to go away – “Mijo, I love you” – and tells him he’s ready to make his son one. king of gangs. David refuses, upset by the death of his wife, and cuts the call. In prison, his father looks at a crucifix and asks for forgiveness.

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