Tax calculator shows how much your council tax will rise this year in Berkshire

Councils across Britain are raising council tax and it comes as the price of petrol, food and electricity have also soared.

Some Berkshire councils have proposed raising council tax by the maximum limit allowed by the government this year.

The majority of welfare councils are allowed to raise bills by 2.99%, including 1% for care and 1.99% for general funds.

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Council tax is made up of different precepts – sums of money allocated to particular authorities such as fire services, police and municipal services, while some areas also have parish council precepts.

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM) has proposed a 1.99% council tax increase and this also includes a 1% increase in the adult social care precept. That would mean an increase of £33.82 for a Band D household.

The RBWM also increased council tax to its maximum last year.

Reading Council has proposed a 1 per cent increase in the adult social care precept alongside a 1.99 per cent increase in council tax.

The majority of households in Reading are Band C, which means they would have to pay an extra £75 a year.

Meanwhile, Bracknell Forest Council has proposed a tax increase of 4.49% for April 2022/23 and Wokingham Borough Council has proposed a 2.99% increase.

Council tax in West Berkshire is also set to rise by 4%.

The council says it will invest more than £220million in projects such as social care, roads and schools in the area.

How much council tax do I owe?

You can find out how much Council Tax you will owe this year by checking out our Council Tax Calculator below.

Following the Chancellor’s announcement that Council Tax will be increased this year, Shadow Leveling Up Secretary Lisa Nandy said: “It’s stunning that Rishi Sunak is hitting us with another Tory tax hike as inflation is sky high, energy bills, food prices are rising and people are already facing a Conservative National Insurance tax hike.

“It’s a typical Tory scam. They’ve stripped £15billion from our communities and ordered councils to close the gap.

“It’s like promising us a five and then taking away a ten.”

However, the government has previously said it is not fair to let debt pile up for future generations to cover essential services.

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Esther L. Steinbach