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10/27/2021 at 2:36 PM CEST


The Director General of the National Fiscal Administration Agency (AEAT), Jesus Gascon, admitted errors in the calculation for this year of the tax on certain digital services, known as the “Google rate”, as well as the tax on financial transactions, known as the “Tobin rate”.

Gascón explained to the budget committee of the Congress of Deputies that in the case of the new tax on financial transactions, the estimates “were excessive”, even if he expects that he will gain in collection capacity. She also admitted that with regard to the tax on certain digital services, there were errors in the initial calculation method, as well as in the multipliers applied to the forecasts of the European Commission.

Spain entered the first half of the year 92 million euros from the first settlement of the “Google rate”, which means only 9.5% compared to the 968 million collections planned by the government for the whole year.

For its part, and according to the August collection report published by the Tax Agency, the Treasury recorded a total of 185 million until August (its payment is monthly), or 21.7% of what is planned for 2021.

The collection grows more than the economy

Despite this, Gascón claimed that 2021 tax collection is at higher levels than in 2019 and also ensured that grows “very significantly” compared to the Spanish economy. According to the last known data, corresponding to the month of August, the collection increased by 14% compared to the previous year.

“Good news for all”, he celebrated, after explaining that this may be due, on the one hand, to improving the collection taxes, among other things through less use of cash.

Gascón stressed the importance of developing voluntary compliance and the collection of taxes on top of what the economy grows. “This will mean that taxpayers are declaring more and more better,” he said.

In this sense, he ensured that the submerged economy It is a general problem in all countries and noticed that in Spain it is in the European average. “It is very difficult to measure the economy in the dark,” he admitted, however.

Regarding the tax reform that the executive intends to address and which is being analyzed by a committee of experts, which should have its conclusions in February 2022, Gascón explained that the Tax Agency provides all the information that this group needs to make their proposals. with the “best possible criterion”, taking into account the costs and benefits of the measures they propose.

Concerning the estimates of the collection before the tax measures included in the EMP, such as fixing a minimum corporate rate of 15% and reducing the maximum contribution to pension plans with right to deduct, among others, Gascón said that they are based on the fact that “it there is no level of uncertainty regarding last year ”.

Thus, she affirmed that the forecast of tax collection entered in the General State Budgets (PGE) for 2022, where a rebound of 8.1% is expected, is carried out in a “more predictable” environment than a year ago.

Finally, Gascon underlined the 9.4% increase in the budget of the Tax Agency for 2022, up to 1,693 million euros, and stressed that the workforce next year will increase to 26,800 workers, against 26,300 this year (including civil servants currently on probation) .

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