Regional Income Tax Agency (“RITA”) Appoints Amy Arrighi as Executive Director

BRECKSVILLE, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Amy Arrighi has been appointed Executive Director of the Regional Income Tax Agency (“RITA”, “Agency”), succeeding Donald Smith, who recently retired after nine years of leadership. Arrighi has served as RITA’s Chief Legal Counsel since 2005 and, as a member of the Agency’s management team, has been instrumental in developing and executing the agency’s objectives and strategy. ‘Agency, has been a trusted advisor to the RITA Board of Directors and has represented the Agency and its members in cases before the Ohio Supreme Court, Ohio Courts of Appeals and the Commission of Ohio tax calls.

“Amy’s expertise as Chief Legal Counsel, her comprehensive understanding of municipal income tax matters, and her drive to position RITA as the agency of choice for local income tax administration in Ohio, make her uniquely qualified to lead the Agency’s continued upward mobility,” said Prashant Shah, Chairman of the Board of RITA.

A respected resource, Arrighi is sought out by municipal officials, business organizations, elected officials and the media for her insight into municipal tax matters and is a frequent speaker at tax conferences and before municipal tax groups.

“I’m proud of the work we do at RITA and how that work helps make the cities and towns of Ohio great places to live and work. By allowing RITA to focus on administering and collecting their vital income tax revenues, our members can focus on what they do best for their residents and businesses – public safety, infrastructure, recreation and much more. I look forward to serving our member municipalities, their ratepayers and, just as importantly, our employees in my new role,” Arrighi commented.

She first joined the Office in 1993 as a paralegal, left the Office to attend law school and returned in 2005 after seven years in private practice. A 1998 graduate of Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Arrighi resides in Strongsville with her husband and two children.


The Regional Income Tax Agency (“RITA”, “Agency”) has served the cities, towns and their taxpayers of Ohio since 1971. RITA provides cities and towns with comprehensive collection and administration of municipal taxes through a membership structure.

In the State of Ohio, municipal income tax is collected from individuals and/or employer deductions from wages, salaries, commissions, fees and other forms of compensation. The tax is also collected from business entities on the basis of net profits. Cities and towns rely on municipal income taxes to fund the services they provide to their residents and businesses.

RITA serves more than two million taxpayers in 390 taxing jurisdictions in 78 Ohio counties (just over 60% of all taxing jurisdictions in the state with income tax) with total annual tax revenues of over of $1.9 billion. RITA is a governmental entity created by members of a Regional Council of Governments pursuant to Section 167 of the Ohio Revised Code. Learn more about

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