re-elected Jefferson County tax collector; Several JP’s elected – Deltaplex News

Primary Election Day was held Tuesday at the Jefferson County Board of Elections office on 123 S Main Street, including candidates running for county offices for tax collector and justice of the peace in districts one, four, six, eight and thirteen. The full but unofficial results were announced by commission chairman Michael Adam, with the total for all votes in the state standing at 9,858.

In Jefferson County, Adam announced that Tony Washington had unofficially won his second term over Jimmy Fisher with a vote of 4,212 to 1,510. Deltaplex news spoke with Washington after the announcement and he explained his thoughts on voter support.

He also mentioned some of his plans for the tax collector’s office now that the elections are over.

The county’s election for the first justice of the peace district was fought between Hermon Horace and Alfred Carroll, with Carroll winning his second term since returning with an unofficial total of 421 votes to 175. Carroll joined live on the Oldies 1013 and talked about what he thought would make a difference in the votes.

In District Four, Patricia Johnson unofficially won with 448 votes over her opponent Delton Wright who had an unofficial total of 245 votes. In District 6, Margarette Williams unofficially won by a vote of 358 against Glenda Daniels who finished with 179. Roy Agee in District Eight won 270 votes against opponent Clarence Davis who had a total of 164. For the district 13, Brenda Bishop Gaddy had a total of 307 votes going to opponent Edward Spears who had a total of 323.

Districts Six and Eight will contest the general election with Margarette Williams (D) against Robert Matthews (R) and Roy Agee (R) against Eric Hobbs (D) in November.

Esther L. Steinbach