Property tax calculator and how property tax works

The property tax, sometimes called ad valorem tax, is a tax on real estate and certain other types of property. Local governments usually assess property tax, and the landlord pays the tax. Property tax is generally based on the location of the property and its value.

Typically, property taxes go to local government to fund school districts, police and fire departments, road construction, and other local services.

Failure to pay your property taxes may lead the tax authority to place a on the property. A tax lien is a legal claim against property or financial assets that you own or may have. This is not a seizure of your property, but a claim against them. If you sell the asset, the government may be entitled to some or all of the proceeds.

Buyers and sellers often find tax liens on properties by performing a title search.

Property tax is usually determined by multiplying the value of the property by a tax rate: Property tax = property value x tax rate

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Here is what goes into determining the two components of your tax bill.

If you disagree with a property tax bill on your home, you can dispute it by disputing your home’s valuation. You will need to show that the assessed value does not reflect the true value of your property. If successful, your appeal could result in a reduction in the property tax bill.

Typically, there are two ways to pay the bill:

Don’t assume that you are paying your property tax when you give money to the escrow company. Think of it as “saving” for the tax bill. The escrow company uses the money in your escrow account to pay your taxes when the invoice arrives.

If you’re trying to pay property tax online, looking for tax records, or wondering how much tax is in your area, check out the website for your home county tax assessor.

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