Pinellas County Tax Collector Helps Keep Local Families Together

PINELLAS COUNTY, FL – Pinellas County Tax Collector Charles W. Thomas and his offices are partnering with local nonprofit Suncoast Voices for Children throughout September to help keep families together.

While Pinellas County has many wonderful attributes, one statistic is particularly surprising – it is now one of the two counties with the highest number of foster children in all of Florida – along with the neighboring county. from Pasco.

This month, the Pinellas Tax Collector’s Offices are raising funds and donations to help Suncoast Voices for Children continue to fulfill their mission of helping local children stay with immediate family members during times of need. disorders instead of being placed in foster care – while trying to help affected children keep “normal” childhoods.

Located inside the Protection Division of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, they work closely with the agency to support families who have taken in nieces, nephews and grandchildren to keep them from be placed with a foster family.

The organization does this in a variety of ways, including providing essential supplies for family members and funding activities, hobbies and skills development.

Since 2004, Suncoast Voices for Children has raised over $ 2.5 million for families and children in the area. Customers who visit a tax collector’s office in September can support the cause during their appointment by bringing an item to donate or by donating money at

The offices will accept donations of diapers, baby wipes, infant formula (Enfamil brand) and school supplies (backpacks, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.).

Tax-collecting clients who choose to donate money in an office will be offered a one-time donation keychain and backpack if they register as a recurring donor. All donations will be used to support local families who have taken in a child in need.

“Much like Suncoast Voices for Children, our team is focused on community and service,” said Thomas. “This is why partnering with them was so attractive to our organization. Not only does Suncoast Voices for Children help children stay with their family members, but the program also keeps siblings together. the children of Pinellas. ”

If you would like to donate diapers, wipes, or any of the other items listed above and you don’t have an appointment this month, you can drop them off at your local collector’s office.

To donate money now or for more information on Suncoast Voices for Children, visit

This press release was produced by the Pinellas County Tax Collector. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

Esther L. Steinbach

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