Pasco tax collector calls for state action against Carvana dealer for delayed or missing routine titles

Pasco’s buyer was told that after 8 months of waiting for a title, she will have to return the car; he was told that a similar car would cost him thousands more

LAND O ‘LAKES, Fla. (WFLA) – Enough is enough, according to Pasco County Tax Collector Mike Fasano.

His office watched Better Call Behnken’s reports for months on missing and delayed headlines from online car dealership Carvana. Now, after eight months of waiting for a title, a Pasco resident has been told that there is no idea “when or if” Carvana will find the title, and she will have to return the car.

“Carvana is breaking the law in the state of Florida and they should be fined,” Fasano said. “This is unacceptable … I don’t care if it’s Carvana or the local Ford or Chevrolet dealership, they shouldn’t get a pass.”

For months, Better Call Behnken investigated the missing titles at Carvana. Without the title, consumers cannot register cars in their name.

Florida law only gives resellers 30 days to shell out the title. So far, however, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicle and Highway Safety has taken minimal action.

The Fasano office is responsible for processing vehicle titles. He says what happened to Bailey alone is enough to fine Carvana. And he wonders why the state is going against its own policy and issuing more than two temporary labels to Carvana customers.

“Again, they’re breaking the law and the state of Florida should punish them severely and they should either… give them a big fine or suspend their license to do more business in Florida,” Fasano said.

Esther L. Steinbach