Office of Tax Perceptor publishes list of property tax arrears for 2015 and prior years

Lieutenant Governor Tregenza A. Roach Esq. source file photo)

The Office of the Tax Collector of the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of the Property Tax Division notifies property owners of the public list of overdue property taxes for the 2015 tax year and prior years. This list will be published in the newspapers of large circulation in each island district for a period of four weeks, in accordance with the code of the Virgin Islands.

All properties, including, but not limited to residential, commercial, and timeshare properties, for which property taxes are due for years 2015 and earlier, will be auctioned if the payment of property taxes (overdue taxes, charges for using the public sewer system and interest) is not received or if a payment plan is not arranged within 30 days of posting.

Homeowners named on the list who pay their overdue taxes or enter into installment plans will be removed from the overdue list. Payment plans will remain available to taxpayers even after the publication of the property tax delinquency publication.

Installment payment plans should be kept in current payment status to avoid being included in the auction process.

“The Office of the Lieutenant Governor’s Property Tax Division recognizes the solemn duty to ensure fair, efficient and transparent management of the property tax system and continues to work diligently to protect the heritage of the property of many transferred. to Virgin Islanders by inheritance, ”said Lieutenant Governor Tregenza Roach.

Roach also said, “With a focus on fairness and accountability, the Office of the Tax Collector is aware of the responsibility to enforce Virgin Islands laws relating to land delinquency and to maintain fairness. for all taxpayers, both punctual and delinquent. “

The following initiatives illustrate the steps the Office of the Lieutenant Governor has taken to assist property owners with tax crimes:

Ensured that a complete notice of property tax defaults is provided on each tax bill, delimited by year, to each registered owner with the issuance of property invoices, and calculated up to the date of issuance of the invoice.

Pursuant to Title 33 of the Virgin Islands Code, Section 2494, the Lieutenant Governor ordered the tax collector’s office to grant a tax amnesty for a period of 7.5 months. This followed the previous amnesty imposed by Law 8271.

Reduced the percentage of the deposit amount from 25% to 15% that a taxpayer is required to pay to start a installment payment plan.

Has offered and continues to offer payment plans to delinquent taxpayers who were unable to meet their property tax obligations during the period in which the amnesty was granted.

Provided payment plans to property taxpayers or their agents without harming their credit.

Homeowners can contact the Office of the Tax Collector if their name appears on the list but they have paid all overdue taxes. Additionally, if someone has an active installment payment plan that is in the current payment status but the person’s name appears on the list, please contact the collector’s office.

The publication of a publication on property tax delinquency will also be available on the Office of the Lieutenant Governor’s website at: Plot owners who owe overdue taxes for tax years after 2015 are also urged to pay any overdue taxes or enter into an installment payment plan to avoid being placed on future publications.

Payment of property tax can be made online at using a control number and invoice number which can be found in the upper right corner of each tax account.

For more information, contact the St. Croix District Tax Collector’s office at 773-6449, located at the Leroy Quinn Finance Building in Sunny Isle or at St. Thomas / St. John District at 774-2991, located at the Nisky Center, lower level parking lot.

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