Nevada County Quorum Court Approves Credit Order For Deputy Tax Collector – SWARK Today

The Nevada County Court of Quorum convened for its October meeting last night, and with Judge Glass absent for a family emergency, JP Cummings facilitated the meeting. The members of the court approved the appropriations order for the assistant collector. A few months ago, members of the court discussed and approved changing the deputy from part-time to full-time, but the numbers weren’t available at the time. Last night Nevada County Clerk Julie Oliver provided the numbers to the quorum court and it was approved. A few members of the court reiterated that this position would only be full-time until the end of the year.

During committee reports, chamber manager Jamie Hillery briefed court members on the success of the fall festival the previous Saturday, saying there were around 60 vendors as well as numerous businesses, churches and local organizations present. She said it was one of the biggest crowds the Fall Festival has ever seen and people seemed to be really enjoying the day. Hillery also shared some upcoming events. Trick or Treat on Elm Street will take place on October 31st and the Nevada County Depot Museum will soon host a Prairie D’Ane battlefield recreation.

During Nevada County Extension Agent Stone’s report, he briefed members of the court on the progress of the fair season. He said about 42 children attended the county fair and more than 20 attended and will attend the district, Arkansas Youth Expo and state fair. Stone also informed the quorum court that the vacancy for the 4-H officer is still open and that they hope the position will be filled soon.

In old cases, JP Pruitt said the culvert was placed at Nubbin Hill Bridge.

Members of the Court have changed the day of next month’s meeting as the QC’s scheduled meeting would fall on election day. The members of the Court have agreed to meet on Monday, November 7 for the next meeting of the Nevada County Court Quorum.

In other cases, Cummings said Judge Glass asked the court to discuss another issue. He said Glass had met with Caterpillar and the insurers and they were working through the situation with the grader and brush cutter. He said the tractor and the road grader will both be totaled, and he wants to get a new tractor as soon as possible and the road grader later. Cummings said the new tractor would cost “$167,000 and some changes” and could be delivered quickly. He said Glass wanted to use Covid money to pay him and then pay him back once the insurance was settled. JP’s Grimes and Stockton asked about the certainty of the insurance payout and what the expected amount would be. Cummings said the county could use Sourcewell, an organization that helps with purchases if the entity feels it is getting a fair price.

EDO Director Mary Godwin asked specifically which fund the money would come from, covid or rescue money. She said if it was bailout money, then you would have to bid. JP Wilson requested that the court drop the matter so that Godwin could first verify the guidelines. Then JP Stockton said there was only $43,000 left in covid relief, which wouldn’t cover the cost anyway. JP Bailey suggested they bid anyway to make sure they covered all the rules. Further discussion took place where it was stated that more money would come with the rescue funds. They all agreed to defer the matter until further investigation can take place.

Cummings later shared with other court members that he attended a meeting with the sheriff where he learned Arkansas was ranked fourth in the nation for violent crimes. In Arkansas, he said, the top six reasons people are in jail are rape, murder in the first, aggravated robbery, sexual assault, residential burglary and robbery, in this order. He also said he was told other counties were not arresting non-violent felons due to prison overcrowding and that county jail had 72 inmates as of last week. Cummings said sheriffs and other officials were hopeful a new maximum-security prison could be built.

At the end of the meeting, JP Grimes said she had received several calls regarding the potlatch issue and asked Godwin if she could share some information. Grimes said, “We need businesses.” JP Pruitt said he also received calls. Godwin said she couldn’t discuss it at the press meeting there, due to privacy concerns, and they could walk away after the meeting. Godwin also told the quorum court that she would be happy to answer any questions and that when they got calls from their constituents to direct them to her.

Esther L. Steinbach