IRD Wonky Tax Calculator A Shambles

The Taxpayers Union is slamming things at the IRD which demanded the removal of a faulty online tax calculator from its website after an accountant in Napier discovered there was a flaw that could lead to people to pay too much tax.

Union spokesman Jordan Williams said: “Tax returns are due in just 48 hours and now those who are well organized have no way of verifying whether they are among the thousands of taxpayers likely to have been affected by this fault. “

“How was this authorized? Where were the quality controls before it went online? It demonstrates the unnecessary complexity of our tax system when even the best and brightest IRD boffins can’t do it right. The only thing the IRD is supposed to know is taxation.

“The IRD must step in today and ensure that all penalties and interest resulting from taxpayers waiting for the fixed calculator to come back online and allow them to complete their returns will be written off.”

“In addition, the IRD should reimburse those who have paid too much tax because of their wobbly tool, with interest. Using IRD’s own standards, this would be 1% on the due date, 4% after the 7th day and 1% every month it is not paid. After all, it’s their job to be fair.

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