How to complete the procedures at the Tax Agency without needing an electronic signature

For all those who do not have a digital signature, the Tax Agency provides them with an application with which they can carry out a number of procedures from their mobile terminal. Let’s see how it works.

The convenience of doing business with the public administration from home and with the mobile is really high, in addition to avoiding trips and queues for many minutes to be taken care of.

Obviously, the best would be for everyone to have an electronic signature, but not everyone has it, so we had to develop another way and this is where the system that the Tax Agency invented comes in. so that many steps can be taken.

This is the Cl @ ve PIN application, which we can download for our smartphone and which we are going to explain to you today how it works.

Cl @ ve PIN application for Android and iOS

The Tax Agency makes this application available to us in a manner free to download on mobile phones with Android and iOS systems.

This application allows us manage data such as regenerating the permanent Cl @ ve activation code, modifying the telephone number and email address indicated in the register, obtaining a higher level of security, renouncing Cl @ ve or revocation of the Cl @ ve Signature certificate.

To use the app, we need to be registered in the Cl @ ve system, although if the app detects that we are not, it gives us the option to do so.

How is it used?

The way to use it is really simple. On the main screen of the app, it tells us if we have a valid PIN code. If we have it, in the process of Public administration we choose to access Cl @ ve PIN and we put the said PIN code.

In the event that we do not have a valid PIN code, we proceed as follows:

Let’s move on to the procedure that we want to do, whether through the web or through the app. We choose Cl @ ve enter. We mark our ID and expiration date. Click on Obtain PIN code. To arrive at PIN by SMS and we introduce it into the process of connection.

It’s as easy as performing any procedure in public administration via Cl @ ve.

These serve us for all the websites that make up the public in Spain, in addition to the MiDGT application.

Download and install

The way to have it on our mobile is extremely simple, since it suffices to go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store and research Cl @ ve PIN of the Tax Agency.

There are several things we need to be clear about when working with Cl @ ve PIN:

We must be previously registered in Cl @ ve PIN, although the app itself recognizes this and gives the option to register at that time. Activation is done by sending a PIN by SMS. When we are activated, we can see the PIN codes obtained previously from the browser or from a mobile application integrated into Cl @ ve PIN. These codes are totally personal and non-transferable, only valid for 10 minutes, can be used once until you log out of the desktop or close the browser. We can’t have activate the app on a device.

Now we can open the application to activate it and thus be able to enter the management system of the tax agency.

The steps are really easy to do and it doesn’t pose too much of a problem:

We start the app and the first thing we will see will be the privacy policies and terms of service. After pressing Next several times we come to a window where we have to put DNI and the date of this (expiration date). We can also put in NIE, but instead of the date we will have to put the assistance number. By pressing continue, we will send a text message on the phone that we had recorded, that we have to write where it says Activation code then click on Activate the device. Once completed, we will have access.

Inside the APP

If we go to the bottom of the app we will see a series of categories with everything we can do and everything we have at our disposal.

It is extremely interesting to know what possibilities we are going to have at our disposal.


We can handle some procedures related to the application itself.

These would be as follows:

Regenerate the permanent activation code Cl @ ve. Modify the telephone number associated with Cl @ ve. Modify the email associated with Cl @ ve. Obtain a higher level of security in Cl @ ve. With certificate or DNIe (web) Revoke Cl @ ve Signature’s certificate. Give up Cl @ ve. With certificate or DNIe (web).


We will also have our own information on Cl @ ve, Cl @ ve PIN and the application itself.

Is he available :

How to register in Cl @ ve. How to get a PIN code. FAQ Help App Cl @ ve PIN. Technical assistance Cl @ ve PIN. Regulations, guides and manuals.


From there we will control notifications or languages, in addition to having the power to delete the user.

Here are all the options:

Deactivate or activate the device. Application language (Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Valencian, English) Push notifications. Receive notifications with PIN code (recommended). Terms and Policies (Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, Data Collection and Use). Accessibility. On.

As you have seen, it is extremely easy to use the Cl @ ve application of the Tax Agency.

We will be able to access all public websites where we can perform procedures that previously could only be done in person.

Esther L. Steinbach

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