Former Rankin County Deputy Receiver Charged With Embezzlement

JACKSON, Mississippi (WJTV) – State Auditor Shad White on Thursday announced that special agents in his office had arrested the former Rankin County deputy tax collector. Tiffany Loftin has been charged with embezzlement by a local grand jury.

A formal notice in the amount of $ 11,519.73 – including interest and investigative costs – was presented to him upon his arrest.

According to White, Loftin embezzled money from neighbors in Rankin County as they paid the county’s garbage collection fees in cash. He said she manipulated accounting software in an attempt to cover up her embezzlement scheme. During the investigation, White said security camera footage from the tax collector’s office captured Loftin stuffing recently collected money into his pants.

Rankin County Tax Collector Caroline Gilbert reported Loftin to law enforcement. She issued the following statement:

When I ran for this job, I promised the people of Rankin County that I would do everything in my power to protect their money. From my first day on the job, I put in place stricter standards and more comprehensive internal controls to make sure our team keeps track of every penny of the money we receive. It’s hard to imagine anything more disappointing than finding someone you work with every day robs taxpayers. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened here. Rest assured, if a member of our team decides to violate public trust, they won’t get away with it for long. Just like in this case, when I discover a theft or corruption, I will bring the evidence to Sheriff Bryan Bailey, State Auditor Shad White and District Attorney Bubba Bramlett, so they can make sure justice is done. rendered.

Caroline Gilbert, Rankin County Tax Collector

“We will continue to protect your hard-earned taxes in all cases, big and small, in the state,” White said. “My position is that there will be zero tolerance for the theft of taxpayer funds.”

Loftin surrendered to Rankin County authorities on Thursday. His deposit will be fixed by the court. If convicted, Loftin faces up to 20 years in prison or a $ 5,000 fine.

Esther L. Steinbach

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