Employees of the Colombian Tax Collectors Directorate go on strike

The National President of the National Union of DIAN Employees, Pedro Giovanni Caro, told Prensa Latina that 331 workers have been laid off, accumulating significant expertise in the country’s most important institution in fiscal and economic resources.

At the same time, 708 of our colleagues are downgraded professionally, added the union leader.

“This jeopardizes the entire operation, the entire management in charge of the institution and, precisely for this reason, as a measure of pressure, we have decreed a strike that will take place tomorrow in the main cities of the country where we are present. ,” he argued.

It is a measure taken after a series of commitments by the government which it did not want to respect, he said.

He explained that after the guarantee law, the creation of a thousand jobs was to mitigate all this impact, but really the national government, he said, does not have the political will to comply with this word.

The workers, after proposals, efforts, patience and a lot of responsibility, arrived at the last case where the government did not want to comply, he said. “So we are going on strike and we hope that with this mechanism of legitimate pressure from the workers, from the trade union struggle, we can attract the attention of the outgoing government to take responsibility with public finances,” he said. -He underlines.


Esther L. Steinbach