Diablo’s Immortal Tax Collector: Location and Boss Fight

Diablo is quickly living up to the success of its legacy-defining franchise. The teams of Snow storm and Netease have accomplished the feat of bringing the Diablo experience to mobile phones. Just like previous games, Diablo Immortal is fun dungeon crawler playability and addictive progress. The game has a tough boss detective, which also includes the Tax collector, which is part of the Haunted carriage event in Diablo Immortal. While you’re at it, consider reading our Diablo Immortal Wizard and Necromancer build guides.

The tax collector is one of several event patterns found in Diablo Immortal. Most events in Diablo Immortal work like any other MMO-RPG event. You can farm this Haunted Carriage event up to Seven times one day. Server players can participate in this event and win fantastic rewards. These can range from useful materials to legendary armor. If luck is on your side, you might even win Diablo Immortal’s best gems.

Classes like The Demon Hunter or Barbarian build in Diablo Immortal will deal high damage with the right built. If you are more interested and want best preparationscheck out our complete guide to the best classes in Diablo Immortal.

Before you get started, why not check out our Diablo Immortal Tips and Tricks guide to help you through the process. beginning From the game. For now, let’s look briefly at Tax Collector, its locationand his strategy, as well as his associates an event guide in Diablo Immortal.

Who is the tax collector in Diablo Immortal

The tax collector is the main boss fight of the haunted cart an event. He visually resembles a Brute Knight who wields two cleavers. This boss emerges from the cart after the first phase and has approximately 20 million Health.

So, judging by this information, we strongly suggest you find a populated server to fight it. This will be particularly useful to you since you will want cultivate this boss fights repeatedly.

This boss has a chance to drop some of the best armor pieces in the game. These armor pieces are extremely valuable if you’re looking to get your character to Max Level in Diablo Immortal.

Preferably, you want the tax collector to be surrounded by players to quickly melt his health bar. We will come back to the exact strategy later in the guide. But most courses should suit him. We suggest the Diablo Immortal Crusader class as it offers advantages damage buffs and Support for your teammates.

The Haunted Cart Event

Haunted carriage event transports Tax Collector and his spoils of war

Before players can take on the Tax Collector, first comes his event. The Haunted Car event takes place in the Ashwold Cemetery Region. He runs between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. (server time), about two hours.

You will also be notified when the event is preparing to launch in the area. Players will only have to click on the “Agree to join” opportunity to participate in this Diablo Immortal Tax Collector Hunt.

This whole event can be participated by players from anywhere on the server. Sometimes you should look around 10 to 15 players fight alongside you to provide Optimal DPS about the car and the boss fight. If there are not enough players, we advise you quickly change server find a better lobby to have ease in the event.

During this event, you will be escort the Haunted Cart throughout the area while fending off undead soldiers. These soldiers will be almost mobs of garbage, so you should be able to clear them fairly immediately. Keep going, clearing the enemies, and eventually the cart will reach its destination in The Ossuary.

Before proceeding, be sure to read our Diablo Immortal Essence Transfer Guide. Now let’s take a quick look at his accurate location and conditions to find the event.

Haunted Car event start location

Haunted Carriage Location
The starting location for the Haunted Horse Carriage event is Ashwold Manor

As we saw earlier, the event takes place in Ashwold Cemetery. To begin, players will first need to cross the East Gardens Waypoint located in the region. Here you will be at Ashwold Manor.

We strongly recommend that you fix this issue world event once you beat the main story of the game. By this time, players will want to have reached Paragon 60, which is the maximum level at the end of the game.

Once you get to tee times we mentioned what should be 9 a.m. central. You’ll get a prompt that the “Haunted Cart” is there. Hurry OKAY at the prompt to start hunting the Haunted Carriage event in Diablo Immortal. The game will then switch to auto navigation to the location of the carriage.

Ideally, players should go directly to the cart themselves with their mount to save time. You can also spot qualified players around you who will do the same kind of tactics.

Tax collector boss fight

Diablo Immortal Tax Collector
The final phase of the Haunted Carriage event is the fight against The Tax Collector.

Players will gradually follow the carriage and defend themselves against soldiers; however, once the trolley reaches its final destination. They will soon face the towering giant that is the Tax collector.

The tax collector boss fight is just as intimidating as Vitaath in Diablo Immortal. We therefore suggest that all players treat this fight of equal difficulty as a raid bosses. Players will need to bring the best of the best into their arsenal to have a chance against his attacks.

He has a wide range of attacks which we will cover in a moment. Whatever the odds, The Tax Collector can be a a piece of cake with the right strategy, plus tons of other players on your side to tear it down.

A important something to note as you continue to fight the tax collector. You don’t have to be the only one kill him to receive the rewards of this event. It’s a cooperative activity, so only a blow is necessary.

You’ll need all the knowledge you can about the boss, especially if it’s your first time fighting it. So, for now, let’s review basic strategy as good as rewards you can find by defeating this boss.

The strategy of fighting the boss of the tax collector

The Tax Collector is a boss fight that tests the endurance of each player. It is different from the bosses you can find in other Activities like in Hidden Lairs from Diablo Immortal. Meanwhile, this boss demands huge chunks damage to knock it down perfectly.

The ideal strategy when it comes to fighting the tax collector, it’s constantly raining your The highest harmful abilities on him. Players of all skill levels will want to use their Area of ​​effect skills the most on him.

More importantly, you will need to have the correct positioning during the fight. As good as support class players should be very careful to use their buffs consistently. This will trivialize most of the boss’ most brutal attacks.

Sometimes players will also face area-specific enemies that could add a additional burden in combat. This is where you will need to decide if you want to focus your DPS on the tax collector or the crowds of garbage.

Now we suggest that you should continually Check in your team. Focus damage on the boss if you think it’s inconsistent or help clean it up random enemies. As long as you deal enough damage, the boss will repeatedly get dazed. This will allow you and your team to finish it in less than one a few minutes.

While you’re at it, if you think you’re struggling and want to make the game a little fairer. Remember that you always have the option to change the difficulty setting in Diablo Immortal.

Tax Collector Boss Battle Rewards

Haunted Carriage Event Rewards
The Tax Collector has a chance to drop legendary endgame armor with useful materials.

The Haunted Carriage event is one of the best ways to farm the Enchanted Dust in Diablo Immortal. These are specifically the upgrade materials needed to improve your legendary weaponry. These materials also strengthen the armor primary attributes, which are incredibly helpful.

Once you have successfully defeated the Tax Collector, everyone can collect the rewards that participated in the event. However, you will find yourself in strong demand for these materials very soon in the end of Game. This is because you only receive a few enchanted dusts in the basic level of difficulty.

In case you didn’t know, Diablo Immortal has four levels of difficulty, which act as four different worlds in the servers. These are basically levels which are Hell 1, 2, 3, and finally, Hell 4, who is the The highest.

To farm this event, you will need to complete the event on a difficulty. After which you must immediately swap the difficulty of a top world level and repeat the event. Since the event lasts a maximum of of them hours, you should have no trouble farming it to a high level character level.

This method of agricultural activities is called the “Power Hour” by MMO-RPG communities since you are ultimately trying to “power” through the same activity but at higher levels of the game.

This concludes our detailed tour of the Tax collector boss fight in Diablo Immortal. We hope this helps you comfortably defeat the boss and farm it at lightning speed. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them in the comment box below!

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