Diablo Immortal Haunted Carriage guide: Beat the tax collector

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Diablo Immortal took inspiration from Lost Ark, with its many in-game regions providing a mini world boss form. The first example of this is in the Ashwold Graveyard, which is the first place you can encounter these world boss events.

In particular, Ashwold Graveyard offers players the chance to experience Diablo Immortal’s Haunted Carriage event. He summons the Tax Collector, Diablo Immortal’s first world boss. Here’s everything you need to know about these two aspects of the game.

What is the Diablo Immortal Haunted Carriage event?

The Diablo Immortal Haunted Carriage event is the first timed event that occurs. You can sometimes see a countdown timer in each area that lets you know when something is about to happen, especially when you’ve unlocked Paragon levels by reaching 60 and completing the game’s main story. , you can see a counter for the Haunted Carriage event. It looks a lot like a countdown to the world bosses of Lost Ark.

When the event reaches zero, a boss will appear. In this case, it’s Diablo Immortal’s Tax Collector. To participate in the event, you just need to wait until the event counter is exhausted. Once it’s done, you’ll get a pop-up indicating that you can participate in the event and take on the event boss. Accept it and you will be informed of the location of the event boss. In this case, you will find the location of the haunted cart. You and those participating in the event must eliminate the undead guards of the Haunted Cart, while following it to its various destinations to beat the event.

Diablo Immortal Tax Collector

Eventually, you’ll take out the haunted cart, and then you can fight the tax collector boss. The Tax Collector spawns after the car travels to several destinations around the graveyard. When it spawns, it will be a large boss surrounded by players. It’s not too complicated, as he uses a variety of circular and directional attacks to deal damage. Additionally, there are a few hostile enemy mobs in the area. If you get anything, don’t worry because the boss periodically spawns health globes around him to heal, as well as consuming your health that you already have.

After defeating the boss, you can get a lot of Enchanted Dust, a useful material for upgrading your main armor sets to get more of your main attributes, and an unidentified orange quality item. These events are definitely worth hosting if you can be in the area at the right time.

So for those venturing there, good luck with your Diablo Immortal Haunted Carriage event, and may the Tax Collector hand you the perfect Unidentified Legendary for your build. If you need more ed game hell activities, then there are even more, like Zavain’s.

Esther L. Steinbach