Deputy Treasurer-Collector Lehua Mossa is candidate for the post of Treasurer-Collector | Elections

Lehua Mossa is the Assistant Treasurer-Tax Collector for Calaveras County.

Lehua Mossa, 32, a longtime Calaveras County resident and assistant tax collector-treasurer, announced that she was running for the position of tax collector-treasurer against Jennifer Barre in the next primary on June 7.

“The past 10 years have provided me with the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the collections and treasury functions that are essential to providing the residents of Calaveras County with the best service and protection of public funds,” said Mossa in his campaign leaflet.

When asked what made her want to apply for this position, she said: “I really had the opportunity over the last 10 years to work on every desk. As an assistant, it was very beneficial for me to be able to step in and help. I can also take care of the treasury, which Barbara Sullivan, who is my boss, does. So it’s kind of a natural progression for me starting with the unsecured collections office and going to the wizard. I feel like that’s where my career is headed and I really like my job.

Mossa mentioned that the department’s insecure collections office is understaffed. She explained, “We are not the preferred department to talk to. So we often don’t get calls from happy people. So I think it’s hard for some people to be tough and really have to tell people they owe money.

But she praised the way the office is run and says the office is running efficiently despite some understaffing issues.

When asked what challenges she might expect if elected, Mossa said, “I do the work when Barbara Sullivan isn’t around. So I really don’t think there will be too many challenges that I haven’t faced.

Mossa mentioned a very important role of the position of treasurer-tax collector and that is to say “the banking part and the treasury part. Every day, the treasurer and financial advisors review a $200 million portfolio. And so 60% of that is school money. So it’s not just the treasurer who takes care of the general fund money, but it’s also the school districts in our county. And I think that’s really important.

Mossa explained that another reason she runs is because she has children. “I want to stay in the area,” she says. “We have no intention of leaving. My husband has a local business. It is important for us to get involved in the community. You make those connections with people and relationships with some of the taxpayers. So that’s part of why I want to do this and why I want to do this long term.

The statewide direct primary election will be held on June 7. In the meantime, the Enterprise will cover all applicants and relevant questions. Let us know which issues you find most important by contacting [email protected] or visiting our Electoral Forum.

Esther L. Steinbach