Danby to Revote Delinquent Tax Collectors Article | News

DANBY – Voters will again be asked whether or not to nominate the delinquent tax collector by the Select Board.

On Town Meeting Day, 310 votes said “yes” to the board’s appointment of the delinquent tax collector, while 222 voted “no”. They also re-elected Doug White to the position, with 286 voters in favor and 246 voting for challenger Jennifer Millard.

White said on Monday he had circulated a petition to have a re-vote on the article asking voters to let the council appoint a delinquent tax collector because he believes voters were not sufficiently informed about the question. His petition had more than 70 signatures.

And so, on May 17, there will be a new vote on Section 8, asking “Shall voters authorize the Select Board to appoint a collector of overdue taxes pursuant to 17 VSA 2651d.”

Voting will be by Australian ballot at the Municipal Office at 130 Brook Road. Polling stations are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

On May 16, there will be a voting information meeting held at the Currier Memorial School, 234 North Main Street, at 7 p.m.

White said the article would be worded the same way, except it would refer to the correct law, which Town Meeting Day’s did not.

The law referenced in the article is not the main issue here, he said, but rather how it appeared on the ballot with another article asking them to choose a delinquent tax collector . He said many may think Section 8 simply allows the council to accept the voter’s choice of delinquent tax collector.

If there was no re-vote, or if the re-vote goes along the same lines as the first, White will remain an overdue tax collector until his term ends in March 2023, then the board may appoint to fill the position.

“I never even imagined that would pass because what he’s doing is taking democracy out of town and taking the vote out of the hands of voters,” White said. “It takes the power away from the voters and puts it in the hands of the Select Board.”

At the April 18 board meeting, board chairman Brad Bender read the names of the 77 people who had signed the petition as well as the petition itself, which claims the board has not provided no information to voters on how an appointed delinquent tax collector would do it. to be paid in relation to an elected official.

The board voted unanimously to hold a re-vote, noting that given the petition, it is obligated to do so.

Board member Tom Fuller, in response to a question, said that with a delinquent tax collector appointed, the board would have more control over when and how tax sales occur. produce.

According to White, when a property tax bill becomes overdue, a one-time penalty of 8% is imposed, which corresponds to the overdue tax collector. The city receives the initial bill, plus a 1% fee added monthly for three months, which increases to 1.5% per month thereafter.

He claimed it would cost the city more to have the position appointed rather than elected.



Esther L. Steinbach