Cross River Anti Tax Agency denounces the activities of illegal tax agents

From Judex Okoro, Calabar

The Cross River State Anti-Tax Agency has sounded the alarm bells about the harmful activities of illegal tax agents, describing them as economic saboteurs.

In a statement dated March 18, signed by the agency’s president, Bishop Emmah Isong, and made available to journalists in Calabar, he expressed concern that even when there is a law prescribing a illegal taxation, tolls and levies on market women, small traders and small state businesses, some of these illegal tax operators continue to fend for themselves under the pretext of generating revenue for the state government.

Isong, who also serves as the NFP’s national publicity secretary, said that despite Gov. Ben Ayade’s good intentions to give more meaning to the lives of poor Cross Riverians, who struggle daily for a living, some fundraisers unpatriotic income continued to exploit poor market women, petty traders, taxi and kéké drivers under the pretext of generating income for the state.

According to him, these illegal tax operators have created all kinds of income points for themselves and their masters just to pluck their commercial nests.

“It is of great concern that even after the Agency has had a series of meetings with relevant government agencies on the modus operandi of collecting taxes and duties, there appear to be breaches on the part of some agencies, causing thus unspeakable hardships for small scale business owners, small traders and taxi drivers, ”he said.

“The agency frowns at the reported case of a tragic incident on March 18, 2021 at the Municipality in which a Chuks, in a trending video, was dehumanized by an illicit tax operator in Calabar, is despicable.

“We frown at another reported case where a Mrs. Chukwuma, a widow with 4 children starting at 8 miles, was allegedly manhandled and her property impounded by thugs posing as tax collectors and having 7 days of age. to pay or lose his property.

“These acts are not only reprehensible, but capable of thwarting the low-income tax relief policy of GovBen Ayade, which issued a series of warnings to these perpetrators to refrain from such an inhuman act of extorting hard-earned money from poor Cross Riverians. “

He explained that the Agency, whose scope of action includes among others the protection of the poor of the poor in the field of extortion of money and the protection of their businesses, is fully committed to ridding the State of such illegalities and will be sure to prosecute violators in accordance with state tax exemption laws.

He called on all government revenue agencies to perform their duties in accordance with best practices established to help our poor citizens, just as he assured the Cross Riverians
this enforcement team was put in place and defaulters would face the wrath of the law.

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