Convert your audience | Create your business

Conversion is when your target audience does as you wish. It may be they buy a product. They may be downloading a directory, filling in a form or calling to you. Each time a user meets a goal you have with your effort, it’s a conversion.

There are several tools we can put in to make the user from just looking to convert:

Newsletters – Direct Contact to Interested Customers

Newsletters are statistically a great source for converting. Maybe because customers have already shown interest by agreeing to subscribe to the newsletter – maybe even in connection with a previous purchase.

The art of newsletters is not to spoil the recipient, but a frame with the right content at the right time. Otherwise, they stop opening your newsletters or unsubscribe from their subscriptions. And the possibility of conversion disappears.

We can help you with your newsletter strategy. From what you have to offer users to say yes to subscribe – and continue with it – to a strategy for content, tone, layout, frequency, and what newsletter system you should use – or how to make the most of the system you use Already a user.

Remarketing / Retargeting – Targeted those who know you

There is up to 70% higher conversion when you hit those who have been in touch with you in advance of new contacts. So there is good sense – and business – that you are addressing users who have previously visited your website – or your social media.

We use data to track customer behavior – for example. in your webshop – and assess which behavior it is best to go for. Are there any users who have just been looking at it or is it a particular product they have been interested in?

Remarketing takes the thread from users’ visits to your website. It provides a high degree of conversion, leads, and visibility. And it gives more sales.

We help you analyze data on user behavior on your site, and together we find the opportunities there. And then we set up your retargeting campaigns – based on your goal and budget.

Marketing automation – follow up successfully

Marketing automation is targeted one-to-one marketing based on your customer’s data. It is targeted to potential customers who have been interested in visiting your website – or even added items to the shopping cart of your online store without completing the purchase. It maintains contact across channels, and you hit the right people in the right channel at the right time with the right message.

As it is in the name, it is an automated process so it does not require your time in the daily. However, it should be based on analyzes and segmentation of customer data, and then – as with everything else – we must collect data and adjust based on the results that are coming.

BtB Lead Generation – Get Leads That Are Already Interested

We can generate a report where you can see which companies and potential hot leads have visited your website. How long they have been there and what pages they have visited. You can see what they are interested in, so you know what to offer when you contact them later. It’s a unique tool that can really mean something for your sales.