City seeks to join regional tax agency | New

After opposing the outsourcing of its income tax collection to the state a few years ago, the Napoleon council took the first step on Monday evening by joining a regional group to do so.

The Napoleon council approved the first of three readings to join the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) and contract with it for the collection of income tax.

City officials pointed out that there are several differences in joining RITA, a conglomerate of municipalities formed to collect income tax, and being forced to join the state’s proposal a few years ago.

“They are already doing this for a few different towns in Ohio, it is an important decision for the city of Napoleon that allows us to ask experts to collect and / or sue individuals for income tax.” , said Kevin Garringer, Napoleon’s chief financial officer.

He estimated that the cost to join RITA, based on city tax returns and amounts, would be $ 100,000 per year. Garringer said that currently the finance department has two open positions and that by joining RITA one would go unfilled which would offset the cost.

“The second thing is that all the towns that I spoke to and that joined RITA told me that they had obtained income tax collection because they had succeeded in doing so,” said Garringer said.

General Counsel Billy Harmon also pointed out that when the state proposed to become a central location for all income tax collection in the state, it would not have pursued non-payers as RITA will. .

He also said the move could free up time for other matters in his office, as he recently filed several complaints against those who do not pay their taxes to the city.

Residents will be required to report their income taxes to RITA once the city officially joins the group. This will likely be done online, and Garringer said the intention is to maintain a presence with the city’s income tax department to provide customer service, answer questions and help with the early stages of filing in. line if anyone needs it.

He added that the income tax department currently has a single person working there. They will be maintained, although functions may change as well.

The city would also be able to withdraw from the group in the future with proper notice.

In other matters, counsel:

Removed from the agenda a resolution tabled for an economic agreement between the city, the Henry County Cultural Center (CCHC), the Napoleon City School Board of Schools and Carol Morely Beck. Napoleon’s city manager, Joel Mazur, said a new deal was being negotiated between the city and the CCHC. The Council requested that a draft law be submitted to it in due course.

Approved second readings of several pieces of legislation dealing with year-end finances and next year’s budget.

Second reading approval of an ordinance creating a water tariff review commission.

Adopted the final reading of a resolution to extend the temporary moratorium on certain residential construction costs.

I learned that the estimate for the VanHyning pump station replacement project was increased to $ 2.5 million after no contractor bid twice due to the high cost of materials.

Discussion of problems with a city company.

Received an update on the LifeWise Academy program in the city.

Esther L. Steinbach