Bidders’ registration opens for San Diego County tax auction in May

Dan McAllisterc Treasurer / San Diego Tax Collector. Photo by Chris Stone

Bidders who were unable to purchase property at the San Diego County Online Property Auction in March will now have a second chance, County Treasurer-Collector Dan McAllister announced Thursday.

McAllister opened bidders registration Thursday for the 2021 New Bid auction, comprising 279 properties.

“We don’t want anyone to miss out on this opportunity to buy a property, especially timeshares which all start at $ 100,” he said. “It’s an easy way to own a part of beautiful San Diego County. “

Those wishing to participate in the auction must register as a bidder by May 6. To register, go to the Treasurer-Collector’s Tax Sales website,, and submit a refundable deposit of $ 1,000, plus a non-refundable Processing Fee of $ 35 – some packages may require a larger deposit.

The online auction will take place May 14-19 and will include 265 timeshares, one improved property – a house – and 13 unimproved plots of land.

“We are delighted that this online auction can reach bidders around the world,” said McAllister. “During our March auction, we saw buyers from across the country including California, Nevada, New York, Texas, Washington and other states.”

The properties for sale in May came from the TTC’s first auction in March, in which buyers bought 231 plots for a total of $ 1.3 million.

Owners of auctioned properties can always avoid going for sale. They have until May 13, 5:00 p.m. to exchange their package and pay all taxes and fees due. Prior to the sale, every effort is made to contact the owners of these properties to advise them of the impending sale, McAllister said.

–City news service

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