Influencer Marketing

Attract your audience online

Attractiveness acts as the word more than suggests to attract your audience. There are different options for that. The common denominator is to be relevant and interesting.

SEO – when the target audience comes by itself

Google and the other search engines deliver the vast majority of traffic on the Internet. And there are users who have even searched for a topic you can help them with. They are already interested and maybe even ready to buy. So it’s important that they find you!

The vast majority – as in more than 90% – click on a result on the first page. It is important that your website appears there, as appropriate. We help you to define which words and expressions you want to be found on. What are the users looking for and what do you have of relevant content to offer? The content of your site should match what your target audience is looking for – we also help.

Then we help you optimize the technical part. There is almost always something on a website that is devastating to what the search engines are looking for. We will help you with that.

In addition to all we can do on your website (on-page), it is important to optimize the ‘off-page’. It’s primarily about getting elsewhere on the web to link to your page. And not just links from other places, but from the right other places.

SEM ads for relevant clicks

In addition to optimizing your site so users can find it on search engines, we can help you advertise. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or Search Engine Advertising – “AdWords” or “Google Ads” – is often a good support for raising awareness online. It can seat you on the first page of the search results, and you pay per. Click, so your money will not go to exposure, but to real effect.

And we almost promise to promise you better results or save money on your search engine advertising. Experience tells us that we can usually improve your SEM with better campaign structure, sharper conversion goals, and improved click rates – it would also like to prove you.

It is important to choose the right keywords and terms. To select the relevant ad types and to formulate the ads correctly. Part of the advertisement will often be “retargeting” when you hit those who have already visited your site. Up to 70% more likely to make them respond – buy.

Social Media can give a commitment

80% of Danes have a profile of at least one social media (according to Statistics Denmark). And they also expect to meet companies and organizations on the relevant platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, Twitter and what they are otherwise called. You hardly need to be anywhere, and we’ll help you assess which

If you are interesting and relevant, social media can give you visibility and commitment. And the more engaged your followers are, the easier you make them for customers – for example, the goal of your social media.

We can also help you with engaging content. Targeted and relevant. Most often you should expect to advertise on social media. Among other things, “retargeting” or “remarketing” will also be relevant to social media. Thus, targeting those who have already shown interest in you and your site.

Social media is a continuous process. Therefore, we keep ongoing meetings and workshops so that we can plan the effort together and define focus areas. As always with your goals in mind.

Content marketing – Create effect with relevant content

The term ‘content marketing’ covers delivering relevant, inspiring and engaging content. You may already do that, you mean, and it is very possible. However, many companies do not have a structured content management strategy. A well-defined plan gives you an overview so you can better benefit from your content marketing.

Good content is not filled with sales messages. It is more about engaging the target group. Make them comment and share your content. Via social media and links. What is called ‘viral marketing’ is a form of content marketing where your content is spread on the web from user to user to user to …

The good content should not only be on your own website. It should, for example, also be on relevant subject sites or portals. It’s on social media. It must spread and spread, and you must always remember that you have a goal that you must follow up and structure and adapt the effort. We help you with the process – from strategy and content to follow-up.

Influencer Marketing – Let others tell you about

Recommendations and reviews have always been effective marketing. Influencer marketing is a form of paid reference. Here we get opinion makers (bloggers, youtube, etc.) who have many followers online to talk about you, your business and your product. The credibility of opinion polls plays a part in the conversation, and their followers are loyal and interested. If your performance matches the normal topic of the sentence dinner, the conversation is natural and relevant – even though it is not hidden that it’s advertising.

Viewers – “influencers” – are available in several sizes, depending on how many followers they have. The big ones reach the most but are also the most expensive. The little ones reach fewer, but are comparatively cheaper – and often their credibility is also higher than the stores. What is relevant to use and what to use is acting as much about your goal. And do not worry – we’ll help you.