Andover Selectmen increases property tax rate by 50 cents

Andover Selectmen Brian Mills, left, Joe Luce, center, and Mark Thurston speak with Fire Chief Jim Adler, right, on Tuesday about the damaged Andover Hook and Ladder Co. building on Elm Street. A meeting on his condition is scheduled for 7 p.m. on October 5 at the Town Hall. Marianne Hutchinson / Rumford Falls Times

ANDOVER – Selectmen voted Tuesday to increase the property tax rate by 50 cents, from $ 13.50 per $ 1,000 of property value assessed at $ 14.

Selectman Mark Thurston said the increase is due to less income from growing trees, less state money and using less money from surpluses.

In other cases, selectmen agreed to hold a briefing on the condition of the Andover Hook and Ladder Co. building at 39 Elm Street, which was acquired by the city by eminent estate in 2019. To Around this time, Selectman Brian Mills said he was taken because of his condition.

“We took it (thinking) that it was going to be for general public use, which means our intention was to use it primarily for displaying historical artifacts” and for other things. ” , he said at Tuesday’s meeting. However, the condition of the building “has changed dramatically this summer. Half of the roof, which you cannot see from the road, has practically disappeared,” a- he declared.

The Andover Hook and Ladder Co. was formed in 1890 as a firefighting force. Its 1904 station served the city until 1987 when a new station was built at 38 South Main St. The old two-story station, which is empty, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001, according to

Fire Chief Jim Adler, who owns an outsourcing business, recently visited the building at the request of the men in the selection.

“As a fire chief and contractor, the roof isn’t just sagging, the rafters have collapsed. So right now it’s a dangerous structure, ”Adler told Selectmen on Tuesday. He recommended that they have a licensed engineer check the structure to “tell you what you’re up against.”

A meeting on the building will be held at 7 p.m. on October 5 at City Hall.

In other news, Jackie Gammon complained about heavy ATV traffic in the area.

“It looks like most of the city is stranded, but I’m telling you they do whatever they want when they want,” she said. “I’ve had enough. You know, I don’t blame you guys, it’s all of us too. But something has to change.

She said she spoke to members of the city’s four-wheeler club who told her they would consider adding signs to prevent ATVs from entering restricted areas.

Mills said selected men spoke to the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office about ATV issues and were told they were understaffed. The sheriff’s office “really didn’t have a good answer for us,” not just on four-wheelers, but speeding in general as well.

Mills assured Gammon that elected officials would discuss the matter again and “that at some point, by the next town meeting, we’ll probably have a briefing on four-wheelers and traffic.” .

In another case, Andover Public Library Trustees Eileen Pew and Wendy Hutchins said the selected trustees wanted a grant to purchase a generator for the library and sought approval from the board.

“We discussed our worry about the winter, when the power goes out, especially last winter, there were several days in a row where the power was totally out and we were very concerned about the pipes. “, And the temperature was in the 30s,” Pew said.

Selectmen approved the request and suggested that upcoming government funding for COVID-19 relief could be used for projects at the library.

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